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Hylomar has been supplying non setting gasket & jointing compounds to the worlds aerospace engine manufacturing and maintenance industries since the 1960's.

Products include: Hylomar Aerograde (the original PL32) Hylomar Aerograde Ultra (PL32A) & Hylomar Advanced Formulation (solvent free formulation). Hylomar Limited is the only approved manufacturer of these products.

Hylomar Aerograde and Aerograde Ultra are the standard products for sealing Rolls-Royce gas turbine engines. In addition to the Rolls-Royce specifications, Hylomar PL32 has GE, NATO and various military approvals. Hylomar Advanced Formulation is written into Pratt & Whitney specifications.

Applications for our products include the Eurofighter, Eurocopter, naval vessels, army vehicles and countless commercial aircraft.

Aerograde (PL32)
Aerograde Ultra (PL32A)
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