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Hylomar Anaerobic Sealants and Adhesives

Hylomar is the manufacturer of a wide range of anaerobic thread lockers, thread sealants, retainers and gasketing compounds for industrial use. The Hylomar anaerobic adhesives and sealants have consistantly proven themselves on the production lines of major industrial manufacturers such as in tractor production, pump manufacturing and automotive engine assembly lines.

Retaining compounds are intended for bonding close fitting cylindrical metal assemblies. Typical applications include bonding bearings to shafts or housings, rotors to shafts, or keys in slots.

Thread lockers have strengths that vary widely to make them suitable for a wide range of threaded fastener sizes. Typical applications include locking bolts and assembly screws.

Thread sealants are designed to create a chemically resistant seal on threaded fittings and to maintain low strength to facilitate maintenance. Typical applications include plugs, and pipe sealants.

Gasketing materials are thixotropic gels which cure to form a flexible oil resistant seal within the joint. These form in place gaskets are designed to replace conventional gaskets.Typical applications include sealing cam carriers, gear box covers and end plates.

Anaerobic Gasketing products

Gasket 2000 is an industry proven anaerobic form in place gasketing compound which has excellent fluid and oil resistance. The high degee of flexibility allows for an integral seal in the most arduous of joint sealing environments. Gasket 2000 is easily dispensed as a form in place gasket by a robotic applicator or by screen printing the sealant onto the joint face. The super-stable formulation means that Gasket 2000 can be dispensed from a standard 300ml cartridge. 

Gasket 3400 is a highly flexible anaerobic form in place gasketing compound specified by leading automotive manufacturers. It has excellent fluid and oil resistance making it suitable for powertrain applications. The highly flexible formulation seals joints subject to a high degree of vibration.

Anaerobic Threadlockers

Hylomar 4820 - Stud lock . A high strength, low viscosity threadlocker for permanently locking studs, nuts and bolts.

Hylomar 4430 - Nut lock. A medium strength, medium viscosity threadlocker for locking all types of nuts and bolts that may require dismantling.

Hylomar 4220 - Screw lock. A low strength medium viscosity threadlocker designed to lock small screws and threaded components in place but which can easily be dismantled. 

Anaerobic Retainers

Hylomar 6640 - High strength retainer. 6640 is a high strength medium viscosity retainer which provides the maximum strength for retaining loaded cylinrical components such as rotors,pulleys, shafts, bushes. The thixotropic formulation and resiliant polymer performance allows for larger machine tolerances on cylindrical assemblies, preventing fretting and sealing against corrosion.

Hylomar 6450 - Bearing Fit . A medium strength, medium viscosity retainer typically used for retaining bearings that may require dismantling.

Anaerobic Thread Sealant

Hylomar 5059   - A low strength ptfe filled threadsealant which can be used to replace ptfe tape. This product is used to seal pipe fittings and coarse threaded components. It is used widely in industrial manufacturing appliations, Hylomar 5059 has a proven track record in sealing stainless steel pipe fittings in the offshore oil and gas industry. 


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