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Hylomar ® is a registered trademark of Hylomar Limited, Cale Lane, Wigan WN2 1JT England

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Hylomar Ltd provides car, bus, truck and tractor manufacturers with cost effective solutions to their gasketing, sealing, and adhesive requirements. Hylomar has thirty years of experience in providing engine, gearbox and transmission sealants and adhesives to major OEMs and the aftermarket both in the UK and around the globe.

The main product areas are: Hylomar Universal Blue & Universal Blue RF (non-setting gasket and jointing compounds), Hylotyte Red (semi hardening gasket & jointing compound), Hylomar Advanced Formulation (solvent free non-setting gasket & jointing compound), Hylomar RTV silicone sealants (engineering grade one part silicone sealants - OEM approved), Hylomar anaerobics (thread lockers, thread sealants, retainers and gasket compounds).

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