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Hylomar ® is a registered trademark of Hylomar Limited, Cale Lane, Wigan WN2 1JT England

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Epoxy Adhesives and Sealants

Hylomar developes and manufactures high strength structural epoxy adhesives for use in demanding industrial environments. The stuctural adhesives can be formulated as two component adhesives or as single part heat cure adhesives. They have excellent environmental and chemical resistance coupled with good gap filling capability and exceptional adhesion to metal and ceramic materials. Hylomar structural epoxy adhesives have a wide variety of applications including magnet bonding, automotive door sealing and bonding wear resistant ceramics materials. When formulated into a putty Hylomar epoxies can be used as gap filling sealants in electrical cable glands.

Structural adhesives

HYLOMAR Tilebond is a very flexible toughened two part epoxy designed for extreme impact resistance when permanently bonding surfaces subject to impact, vibration and deflection. ilebond has proven effective for bonding ceramic tiles for protection against the abrasive effects of transporting bulk solids such as rocks, coal and shale. Hylomar Tilebond has good temperature resistance and increases its flexibility at temperatures up to 150C, unlike most    conventional epoxies, which become more rigid. The extreme flexibility of the epoxy allows impacts and vibration forces to be absorbed and dissipated along the bond line instead of cracking or dislodging the ceramic tiles. It is commonly used in coal preparation plants and coal fired power stations, cement manufacturing, mining, quarrying and iron and steel manufacturing. With a pedigree established in these hostile industrial environments Tilebond is capable of handling many high performance adhesive applications particulary where high vibrational forces are encountered.

Epoxy putty

Cable gland sealant Hylomar ST574 is a two part epoxy putty which is used for sealing electrical cable glands which are used in flammable atmospheres. 

General purpose sealant

ST574 epoxy putty is used for sealing, repairing, jointing, insulating and waterproofing. It bonds to a variety of materials including metals, glass, ceramics, concrete and most plastics. Typical applications include sealing applications in the production of electric motors, repairing castings, and sealing of tanks.


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