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Hylomar ® is a registered trademark of Hylomar Limited, Cale Lane, Wigan WN2 1JT England

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Hylomar manufacture high performance pre-applied thread sealants, under head sealants and thread lockers. Pre-applied sealants and lockers are primarily used in high volume manufacturing operations to eliminate operator error, improve quality and in some instances significantly increase productivity.

Pre-applied threadlocking

Hyloloc 406 is a high strength, water based, pre-appied threadlocking adhesive. Hyloloc 406 is applied to the thread of the fastener by a flow coating method and is then dried by hot air blowers or ovens to leave a dry to the touch pre-applied adhesive. The water based formulation means that no hazardous solvents need to be used by the applications company. When dried the fasteners can be stored or shipped ready for use. Hyloloc 406 on-part life is up to 4 years when stored in dry conditions.

When the pre-applied fastener is screwed in place the Hyloloc 406 reacts to form a resiliant polymeric adhesive which secures the fastener in place. The rapid reaction rate of the adhesive ensures a very high strength is achieved within 1 hour of assembly. Hyloloc 406 is approved for use in automotive applications by Ford.

Hyloloc 407 is a medium strength , water based, pre-applied threadlocking adhesive. Hyloloc 407 is applied in the same way as its sister product 406 and based on the same technology. It exhibits similar benefits to both the applicator and end user.

Pre-applied threadsealing

Hyloseal 204 is a water based pre-applied threadsealant. The product is applied to threaded fasteners in an automatic production line by means of flow coating the components and then drying the sealant by means of hot air blowers, infra red or air circulating ovens. As the product is water based the applications company has no concerns over exposure to hazardous solvents. The coated fasteners can then be stored ready for use for up to 4 years in dry conditions. Semi automatic methods or even manual application of the product can be used for specialist low volume applications.
The internal lubricants within the Hyloseal 204 ensure the threaded fastener has a controlled on-torque. When assembled the sealant flows into the threads to provide an instant seal. The product seals against most common fluids and gases. Hyloseal 204 ensures all the voids within the threaded fastener are filled ensuring resistance to loosening from vibrations. Hyloseal 204 is listed on the Ford approved products and is used by many other automotive manufacturers.

Under Head Sealing

Hylomar underhead sealants are designed to replace conventional mechanical forms of underhead sealing such as copper, aluminium, rubber or composite washers. When assembled the underhead sealant is forced into the gap between the head of the bolt and the component assembly to form a seal. The underhead sealant has good chemical and moisture resistance to form both a fluid and an environmental seal. A licenced application process is used to form the precise bead dimensions ensuring no excess product is applied to the component. The process is suitable for application to bolts, plugs, rivet and rivnuts.


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