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Hylomar ® is a registered trademark of Hylomar Limited, Cale Lane, Wigan WN2 1JT England

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Non-Setting Gaskets and Jointing Compounds

Hylomar Limited manufactures the world's leading range of high performance non-setting gasket and jointing compounds. The original product was developed in conjunction with Rolls-Royce and was used for sealing aircraft engines. Hylomar continues to manufacture Rolls-Royce approved products for sealing aeronautical turbines.

Engine, compressor, electric motor, heavy industrial equipment, gearbox, defence industry component, turbine and many other original equipment manufacturers choose Hylomar non-setting compounds for their sealing and bonding applications.

The unique polymer formulation is resistant to most types of industrial fuels and lubricants and will never harden so sealed components can easily be dismantled and serviced. Hylomar non-setting compounds offer outstanding performance in extreme temperatures and w here prefomed gaskets are used they can improve gasket performance as well as aiding alignment during assembly, in addition they can also be used as thread sealants.

Universal Blue
Hylomar M
Aerograde (PL32)
Aerograde Ultra (PL32A)
Hylomar AF
Hylotyte Red


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