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Hylomar ® is a registered trademark of Hylomar Limited, Cale Lane, Wigan WN2 1JT England

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Hylomar manufactures approved products for the global shipbuilding industry. Products have Lloyd's Registry approval for use in marine applications.

Products include: Hylomar FS415J (high performance polyurethane sealant) and Hylomar 601 (white neutral curing silicone sealant).

Hylosil 600 series RTV silicones are neutral oxime based silicones which have been developed for use in original equipment manufacturing.

Hylosil 607 is proven within automotive powertrain assembly operations as a form in place gasket providing a long term seal against automotive fluids and lubricants.

The lower viscosity Hylosil 622 and Hylosil 622LV products are used for a diverse range of applications including cooker hobs and automotive lighting systems. 


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