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Silicone Sealants

Hylomar is a specialist formulator and manufacturer of Hylosil silicone sealants for use in gasketing, sealing, bonding and coating in automotive and industrial engineering applications. Hylosil silicones are high quality formulations developed to meet the outstanding performance required by our automotive and industrial manufacturing customers to exacting specifications. Hylomar specialises in formulations that are resistant to oils and high temperatures the conditions that are present in engine and gearbox applications. Low viscosity silicones have been developed for coating applications in high specification defence applications.

Gasketing : Hylosil silicone sealant can be used to produce FIP (Formed In Place) gaskets either by semi-automatic equipment, cartridge gun or direct from a tube. FIP gaskets reduce large stock holding of different types and sizes of conventional gaskets. Hylomar silicone sealant is able to withstand thermal cycling, vibration and mechanical shock ensuring a high performance seal. Machining costs can be reduced due to its excellent gap filling properties. Typical applications include crankshaft housings, sumps, gearboxes and water pumps.

Sealing : Hylosil silicone sealants remains flexible when fully cured and have large gap filling capabilities. This makes them ideal for sealing applications. The excellent dielectric properties, which are retained over a wide temperature range, make silicone sealants ideal for sealing industrial and domestic equipment. Typical applications include sealing industrial safety switches, electrical appliances, cooker hobs, pipe connections and air conditioning units.

Bonding : The high strength yet flexible nature of silicones make them ideal for bonding applications. They are particularly suitable for high temperature or large gap filling and where joint movement is prevalent. Typical applications include oven door and steam iron assemblies.

100 series RTV amine

Hylosil 100 series RTV silicones are amine (non-acidic) curing silicones which have proven performance in OE and aftermarket applications.

Hylosil 102 silicone has a track record in sealing automotive powertrain components for many of the world's most famous automotive companies.

300 series RTV acetoxy

Hylosil 300 silicones are high performance acetoxy curing silicone sealants which exhibit excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics, metals and plastics. They have high tensile strength and good elongation for improved mechanical performance. Hylosil 300 series RTV's are designed for automotive maintenance and general engieering applications. Typical applications include sealing water pumps, oil sumps, bonding oven door hinges.  In addition unlike many acetoxy curing silicone sealants Hylomar's products are full engineering grade products and do not intentionally contain any solvent or cheap filler both of which are used to cheapen silicone sealants but they also adversely affect the performance. Remember not all silicone sealants are the same.

Hylosil 310 is a heavy bodied, high temperature silicone sealant used for high temperature industrial applications where normal silicones would break down due to the intense heat. Typical applications for the product include sealing industrial gas turbines which operate at temperatures up to 350C.

Hylosil 325 is a very low viscosity silicone capable of being sprayed onto a component surface. The low viscosity can be used as a potting compound to seal against moisture or when coated onto large surface areas it will act as a thermal, electrical and noise insulator.

600 series RTV oxime

Hylosil 600 series RTV silicones are neutral oxime based silicones which have been developed for use in original equipment manufacturing.

Hylosil 607 is proven within automotive powertrain assembly operations as a form in place gasket providing a long term seal against automotive fluids and lubricants.

The lower viscosity Hylosil 622 and Hylosil 622LV products are used for a diverse range of applications including cooker hobs and automotive lighting systems.

900 series two component

Hylosil 923 is a rapid curing silicone specifically developed for use in the fibre optics market. The product cures at room temperature to give a clear gel within 10 minutes. Other uses include sealing electrical and electronic components. 


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